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Zoe Saskin was born with a life-threatening tumour in her chest. At 6 hours old, she had emergency surgery to save her life. Thanks to the doctors, staff and specialized equipment of the Montreal Children's Hospital, Zoe is a healthy and beautiful 7-year-old girl. We created this event because every child deserves the Gift of Life.

Board of Directors Ski for the Children's 2016

Co-Chairs: Tammy & Adam Saskin

Elyssa Minzberg, Ian Quint, Adam Schouela, Michael Small, Susan Small


2016 Ski for the Children’s reaches new peak!


Zoe Saskin’s incredible fight for life just moments after her birth inspired her parents to create Ski for the Children’s, now in its 8th edition. Since its inception, the Saskins have raised more than $ 1 million for the hospital! A big thank you to the Saskin family and their supporters for their commitment and for the amazing work they do to organize this event year after year. Thanks to fundraisers, sponsors, donors and everyone who participated in Ski for the Children’s to help make this accomplishment possible. Your contributions have been invaluable and your spirit and energy have brought …

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